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Selling Google Voice Accounts

Do you use Google Voice to stay in touch with your customers? The first impression with new customers is important, and a message on an answering system is sometimes the only impression they’ll get of your business.
I can record a high-quality message for your Google Voice account, and upload it within 24 hours.
Weekend and Holiday orders WILL take longer!
Google Voice only accepts messages of 59.5 seconds long, so getting the right message to your customers is important. I can record your script or create one for you. Usually, around 150 words is the max you can have a 59.5-second message

If you need me to write your script, I do charge extra for that so see my gig extras.
If you require music and/or sound effects in your message I also charge extra for that and it is spelt out in my gig extras.

***Note: I will not record any vulgar or explicit messages, only family-friendly scripts will be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.
I look forward to working with you, so please order with confidence!

have a good day
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Selling Google Voice Accounts

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